Today I’m talking: my pregnancy cravings! This topic is so funny...and interesting. I hope y’all join in on the fun below, in the comment section, because I would love to know what your cravings are/were! 

It’s so crazy how cravings, at least for me so far, change from week to week. During my first trimester, I craved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches {with the crust cut off} and milk. It was bad though, y’all. I mean...I didn’t want anything but 3-4 PB&J’s for dinner and a massive glass of milk...or two. Don’t judge! I prayed for that phase to end. Thankfully, it did! I am about 5 weeks PB&J free. The milk craving never left, but I don't mind that.

I journaled that I craved frozen fruit during my first trimester, too. I love frozen mango, frozen pineapple, and frozen strawberries. Is that weird? Writing this post is making me hungry!

My pickle game has been strong and steady. I’ve always loved pickles, so I had a feeling I would either be absolutely disgusted at the thought of them when I found out I was pregnant or I would love them even more. I love them more. My favorite pickles are Fickle Pickles from Gruene, Texas. You can easily order them online though if you are not anywhere near Gruene. Let's just say I order often!

Mexican food is top of the list, pregnant or not. I am from the Rio Grande Valley so my taste buds have always had a thing for a little spice. Mexican candy, spicy chips, limes, lemons, and sour patch kids are always on my mind. I’m not saying this is what I’m eating at the moment...but this is what I dream about from time to time. A girl can dream! Right?

I do my best to eat fairly healthy on a daily basis, but if I am really craving something I allow myself to have it in moderation. 

Where I am at right now, is not necessarily craving any particular foods, but I eat EVERYTHING in front of me. For instance, I’ve always been the type to order something, let’s say a burger or grilled chicken sandwich, and I would eat half then either save the other half or share it. Now....y’all...I eat the whole thing...and I eat it quickly. Sometimes I look down, and the entire sandwich/burger is gone and I’m just confused and sad at the same time because I’m not even full. The struggle is real! 

I’ve been keeping a semi-accurate count of what I eat on a daily basis using the app, My Fitness Pal. I mainly use this to record my water intake and exercise, but it’s great for food and calories as well. I love it! I keep a "diary" on the app that shows what I have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. When I click on "nutrition" it breaks down how much sugar, fat, carbs, etc. I have each day. I don't stick to a strict plan, but I check it often throughout the day to make sure I am not going overboard.

I fully believe in eating as healthy as possible BUT still being happy and enjoying life. Once, when I was cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, this was probably back in 2014 or so, I was doing a volunteer appearance at a nursing home right outside of Dallas. The cutest little man was working out in the gym, and we stopped by to make him smile. One of the girls asked how he stayed so fit. He replied, "Well, I eat what I want...and I just burn it off after!" Okay, so maybe that isn't the best advice in the world, but I seriously loved it because when I do splurge on a craving that has been on my mind, I simply add a little extra oomph to my workout. 

I have always been pretty active. I cheered for the Dallas Cowboys for seven seasons, and I performed with the Dallas Mavericks Dancers for one season. Before moving to Dallas, I was a gym rat, and I won "Best Swimsuit" at Miss Texas Teen USA. Now that I am pregnant though, I am not going to lie...I get out of breath or dizzy if I workout too hard. I have completely modified my workouts now, but I still make sure to squeeze one in every day, whether it is my at home routine, a walk at the park, zumba or pilates.

Many of y'all have been asking for my daily workout routine, so I think I will share that with y'all soon. I have also been asked to share my favorite places and spaces around Dallas for those who live here and/or are visiting the area soon. Stay tuned for more, and if there are any questions you have for me, feel free to ask below!

Photo by Cassie Loree Photography