First and foremost, I am not a pregnancy expert. I may throw out a few things that I have picked up along the way and that have helped me, but everyone’s pregnancy is different, and I am just here to be completely honest about my experience—the good, the bad, and the crazy! 

I hope you all enjoy my first post in this exciting journey.

Does everyone know what a "hushpuppy" is? For those of you who have never had one, a hushpuppy is a small, deep-fried ball made of cornmeal {scroll down for a photo}. If I am feeling a little unhealthy, a basket of fried shrimp and hushpuppies with tartar sauce and malt vinegar usually does the trick! 

Now you are probably starting to wonder what a basket of hushpuppies has to do with the moment I found out I was pregnant. Some women go weeks without knowing. Others find out right away. For me, I ate 15 hushpuppies without taking a breath. 

I'll never forget...

Jay and I were hungry, and I decided to order in from one of my favorite restaurants--the Flying Fish--in Dallas. I ordered a very normal amount of food with a side of hushpuppies. When the side of hushpuppies arrived, however, it was a large box with about 20 pups inside. Now, if you know me, you know I love food, but I mainly love tasting things. I take a few bites here and there, and I am not saying I waste anything, but I get full pretty quickly--then Jay swoops in!

On this night, I literally ate FIFTEEN hushpuppies. I don't think I even looked up once. I instantly regretted it. Not long after, I had this odd sensation in my stomach that I had never felt before. While most people would assume they just ate too much, my intuition said to take a pregnancy test. Why? I have absolutely no idea. I guess that is why they call it your intuition. I didn't think it would be positive, so I sort of disregarded it, but a quick glance saw two pink lines. I screamed! Jay came running, hahaha. We were pregnant!

Jay and I are soooo excited. Parenthood here we come!

I love interacting with everyone, so comment below with your questions and topic ideas...and if you are a parent or parent-to-be...I would love to know how you found out about your own pregnancy!


The "hushpuppy" situation was such a big deal, that I photographed them before I devoured them. They were so the time. I have not had a hushpuppy since!