Just Working On My Fitness

A few of y’all have asked me to share my daily workout routine. Pre-pregnancy, I was extremely active—whether I was at pilates, dancing, at the gym, etc. Pregnancy has definitely slowed me down physically, but that does not mean I have stopped working out. Everyone is different, so you truly have to listen to your body. You also should clear any physical activities with your doctor first. There are exercises and moves that I have been “wanting” to do, but honestly…they are just not possible for me, and they leave me out of breath, nauseous and a little discouraged. Instead, I have modified my current routine, and I simply take it slow. Why rush? Why do more than your body can handle? As my belly grows, my reps lower. but I still squeeze my muscles as much as possible, breathe deeply and take plenty of water (and bathroom, lol) breaks! 

I typically do this workout routine at home, in my room. It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. It all depends on YOU. 



3-5 lb. weights (I use these 3 lb. weights. Only $5 each, can’t beat that!)

Stopwatch (iPhone)




Donkey Kicks & Fire Hydrants

3 Sets Each Of 12-15 Reps (Per Leg)

**Twelve pulses after each set.**


Wall Sit

30-60 Seconds Each Time

**With 3-5 lb. weights in each hand doing 20-40 bicep curls and/or hammer curls.**

3 Sets - Below Exercises In Between Each Set


Wall Push Ups & Triceps Dips

3 Sets Of 15-20 Reps Each


Laying Down Leg Lifts

3 Sets Of 12-15 Reps (Per Leg)

**Twelve pulses after each set.**


Side Plank Lifts

3 Sets Of 10 Reps (Per Side)



3 Sets Of 20-30 Reps

**Ten pulses down after each set.**


Standing Side Crunches

3 Sets Of 10 Reps (Per Leg - 20 Total Per Set)


In addition to the above workout, I walk anywhere from 1-3 miles per day, take my pre-natal vitamins, and eat fresh fruits/veggies/lean meats. It actually helps when I follow a checklist. For example, I have a list on my phone with things such as: bananas, cherries, avocado, apples, organic milk, yogurt, nuts, water, etc. Throughout the day I add an emoji (usually a heart) next to the food(s) I eat. This helps me stay on top of getting all of the proper nutrition I need. I am not perfect with it, but the checklist really does help!

If y'all have any questions about my workout...or anything...let me know below! 

Love y'all!