Seaside, Florida

Jay and I love to travel. During the wintertime, we absolutely love the mountains and beautiful, fluffy snow...but almost every other time of year, our happy place is the beach.  For my birthday this year, we decided on a relaxing work/play vacay in Seaside, Florida. Jay had not been to that part of Florida in over ten years, and this was my very first visit to the area. We planned on staying four nights, but let’s just say we loved it soooo much, we ended up staying longer than that! #WorthIt

I know I have a few friends vacationing in Seaside soon, and a few of y’all reached out on Instagram asking for a post, so I decided to share the places that we visited and loved in case you want to add them to your list of things-to-do!

We flew into the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, and it was about an hour drive to our final destination. Not bad at all! I know that the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is about 45-minutes away from where we stayed as well, but since I haven’t experienced that airport, I can’t tell you which one is better or which drive is better. I’m happy with what we did. The GPS gave us three routes, and we chose the scenic beachside drive even though it was a few minutes longer. We may try the other airport next time!

When I first saw the sugar-white sand and turquoise water, I knew we were in the right place! The next few days were about to be heaven. The neighborhood of Seaside is so colorful and quaint...and so us! Even Jay said it looked like it was straight out of a "beach" fairytale. Now, I did hear from some of the locals that this area gets really crowded/busy during Spring Break, Memorial Day and during the summertime, of course. I think we went at a great time. The weather was very warm, but cooler at night and we had plenty of beach to ourselves! It started to pick up with visitors on Saturday and Sunday. 

As usual, we kicked off the trip, haha. We actually LOVE working on Live Love Gameday®️ designs and products while on vacay. There is something about being in a different location, especially one this magical, that gets the creative juices flowing! We launched a fun taco, guacamole, & fiesta line for Cinco de Mayo, and a few pizza tees as well, donating a portion of the proceeds to the No Kid Left Hungry organization. 


We worked and worked, but it was time for a little fun. 

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Big Fish Bike Rentals & Brozinni’s

We rented a car to get to the house and back to the airport, but we ended up grabbing a tandem bicycle from Big Fish Bike Rentals since we were only about a mile from the shops/restaurants. A bike, with a basket, was much easier AND enjoyable. I recommend Big Fish Bike Rentals over Butterfly Bike & Kayak down the street (sorry Butterfly). Butterfly Bike & Kayak was constantly changing the price on us when the employee changed shifts. One said $35, the next said $40, the next wouldn’t even look up at us. Ugh! That wasn't the best experience, but hey, it could have been a rough day for those guys. No judgement here! We simply went down the street, and they were extra friendly at Big Fish Bike Rentals, plus Brozinni’s Pizza is inside. Pizza & a bike? Yes, please! Did I mention it was a turquoise two-seater they gave us? We loved it! The area is very bike-friendly, so I do highly recommend it. It’s relaxing, a good workout and just fun because you can really soak in the beauty of the area with each ride!

When it comes to food, we tried almost every restaurant. We love trying different places, and we always share...and order more food if we’re still hungry!

Bud & Alley’s Taco Bar

We had tacos at Bud & Alley’s Taco Bar. They were pretty good. I'm partial when it comes to street tacos because I am from the Rio Grande Valley. You really can’t beat the tacos back home, but for a quick bite and a super cute {and colorful} atmosphere, it’s a great spot. 

Barefoot BBQ

We loved Barefoot BBQ! The brisket was lean and tasty, and they had a great barbecue sauce. We ended up going back a few times! I've always been a bread-lover, so chopped brisket sandwiches are my go-to. Personally, I recommend the sliders over the sandwich. The meat is the same, and it is delicious, but I preferred the soft buns (lol) over the toast. The mac n' cheese was on point. The cole slaw was not my favorite, it was 100% purple. I'm picky y'all, sorry. Just being honest. The "Hang Ten" sauce was great!

Great Southern Cafe & Cowgirl Kitchen

The Great Southern Cafe was one of our favorite spots for brunch, mainly because of the atmosphere...and the Gouda cheese grits. It is right on the square, and we loved grabbing one of the tables with an umbrella closest to the front. Cowgirl Kitchen isn’t on the square but it was my favorite spot for breakfast. At Cowgirl Kitchen, I had the open-faced southern biscuit with scrambled eggs and chorizo gravy. Not healthy, haha, but sooooo good! 

Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar

The only reason we really ate pizza this trip was because I was wearing a Live Love Gameday®️ pizza tee. It was a must! Just kidding, pizza is my weakness. The pizza bar was pretty good, but we still loved the pizza at Brozinni’s (mentioned above) even more. If you love pizza...try both. The Pizza Bar is such a cute spot, and it's right on the beach!

Five Daughters Bakery

My mom and I first tried Five Daughters Bakery in Tennessee, when we were visiting my friend Rachel. When I saw they had a donut truck in Seaside, I was pretty excited! I grabbed a salted caramel chocolate donut one night...and it was a-mazing. Jay definitely took a bite...and he loved it, too! 

Side note, my hubby is the best. On my birthday, he surprised me with a “Happy Birthday” banner, the sweetest card, a stuffed animal bunny, a cake and “28” balloons. I later lost the “8”...long story. Thankfully we took one photo with both numbers, haha. If not, I guess I would have used the “2” and said: “Eating for two!” He is so good to me. I could go on and on! 

Now, back to our favorite places and spaces! 


I’m pregnant, and I love pickles. When I first saw Pickles in Seaside, I just knew I would be frequenting it. The burgers were okay...but the fried pickles were delicious! This place is definitely worth a try and a photo, because the place is just way too cute. Don’t leave without a piña colada {mine was virgin} or a strawberry daiquiri! 


When you’re strolling through Seaside Square, pass the Great Southern Cafe and head back into the trees. There are more adorable shops as well as beautiful artwork, a garden and the prettiest church. It is worth the little walk!

Check out Amavida Coffee for lattes and my favorite, chamomile tea. Dawson’s Yogurt has delicious squares of fudge and root beer floats! Bud & Alley’s upper deck is perfect for drinks, a light snack and a great view. We also loved The Meltdown for a delicious grilled cheese with turkey and avocado...and 723 Whiskey Bravo for dinner outside {went here for my b-day}. For amazing fajitas and white queso to-go, you have to try Mi Casita! 


Last but not least!

Modica Market

Our favorite little spot would have to be the Modica Market. I think we stopped in here a few times a the end of our trip, all of the ladies knew us! We first stopped in to try a “Modica” mimosa for Jay and a decaf iced latte for me. Both were so good, y’all! If you stay through the weekend, stop by the farmer’s market in the square on Saturday and grab a huge mimosa while you browse around all of the shops! We grabbed grilled chicken breasts from Modica each day for lunch which was a nice change from all of the biscuits and grits we had been chowing down on. They also have simple, tasty sandwiches, salads, red velvet cream cheese muffins, cake by the slice, sugar-free saltwater taffy, groceries, gifts and more.


As we were leaving the area on the last day, I spotted a silver sign in the square. It said: “Seaside...a beautiful, simple life.” Seaside was truly beautiful and the perfect getaway...exactly what we needed. It was relaxing, but there was also plenty to do for fun. Everyone was friendly, and the food was delicious. We can’t wait to be back!

On our drive back to the airport, we stopped for a quick snack at Stinky’s Fish Camp. We kept hearing great things about it from the locals as well as from Jay’s friends back home. I will say...the baked oysters were soooo good! We had the Gruyere & bacon baked oysters, and they debuted their new Andouille sausage barbecue butter baked oysters while we were there. It was my first time trying an oyster {don’t worry...these were not raw}, and I seriously loved them!

Our trip to Seaside, Florida was everything we thought it would be and more. Huge thanks to Susan Benton {30AEats} on Instagram for sending me the sweetest message with restaurant ideas before we went. It really helped, and if y’all plan on visiting the area, you should check out her page! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below. I’m not an expert by any means, but from our week experience here, I’d love to share what we know! Also, if you’ve been to the area, let me know if you love any of these fun spots as much as we did or if we missed any that I need to add to our list for next time. 


Love y’all!