Will We Use This?

Wow! I seriously can’t believe we are over halfway to meeting our big boy. So many different emotions right now!

Over the past few weeks, I would say I’ve been a hungry hippo. I’ve had some pretty crazy dreams. I get out of breath after just a few steps. I’ve gone up a bra size—not complaining about it. Baby kicks are so amazing to me. A few of these aches and pains are ummm…well, painful, haha. I love preggo talk with my fellow preggo friends…& Tums really come in handy.

Jay and I have learned so much already, and each day we learn something new.

I am always researching must-have baby brands and products. We want to be prepared but only have exactly what we need instead of things we will never use. If there is a specific brand/product or a few things that you can/could not live without…I would love to know. Here are a few products that I am looking forward to trying out!

The Tranquilo Mat

This simple, little mat mimics a mother’s womb. Your baby immediately feels the mats vibrations and hears the white noise, which activates a calming response. There are four levels of vibration and two heartbeat settings. I feel like this mat would be such a great product to have!


I currently use their maternity line of products, so I have a strong feeling I will be using their baby line as well. I am comfortable with the ingredients, and the light scent is great!

Crane Droplet Humidifier

Not only do I love the look of this humidifier, but I have also heard great reviews on it. Humidifiers, such as this one, produce an ultrasonic cool mist that increases moisture in the air for easier breathing and a great night’s sleep. I’d say that is definitely a must-have!

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

This chair is so cool! You can use it at home, at a restaurant or while traveling…as long as you have a sturdy tabletop. I love all of the colors—but especially black and lime.

Comotomo Baby Bottles

I discovered these bottles a few months ago, mainly because their overall look caught my eye. They are designed to mimic breastfeeding and help transition babies back and forth from nursing to bottle feeding. They are soft & squishy, made of a skin-like silicone material which offers a soothing, calming touch and a better grip. I am looking forward to learning more about these adorable bottles and giving them a try!


I think this 11-pocket organizer is such an incredible invention. You can use it in almost any tote and transform that tote instantly into a functional diaper bag!


I have always loved the look of this multi-cute, multi-functional bed. I have heard great reviews on it. It is definitely on our must-have list!

Little Unicorn

Ok…their products are just so us—simple, neutral with a pop of color, comfy and cute. I love them all! 


I am still learning about all of their products but their Babycook® grabbed my attention when I saw it at Pottery Barn. I also love all of their food storage products, spoons and on-the-go containers. I heard they may be releasing a few new product this summer, so I can’t wait to see what those are!

Pink Stork

I currently drink Pink Stork’s calming tea, which I absolutely love when I need to relax. They have so many other great products as well, including morning sickness tea, heartburn relief tea, postpartum tea, labor tea and more. Such a great company. Love their cute logo, too!

Again, I am just now researching and learning, so if there is a specific brand/product or a few things that you can/could not live without…I would love love love your advice! 

Love y'all!